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Su Vino  Winery

Carlson Creek 

LDV Winery


Details of the tour:
First, we pick you up from a convenient location in the Scottsdale area. Then, we Chauffeur you to 'Carlson Creek', after that, we head to 'Aridus', 'LDV Winery' and finish the tour at Su Vino for mouth watering tastings! Finally, we drop you back off at a convenient location in the Phoenix area.

This tour is a huge hit for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, or any type of celebration! Adittionally, you are able to enjoy alcoholic beverages in the limo as we travel to and from the wineries - Cheers!

​$89 Per Person - 5 Hour Tour 


Not included in the tour:

​Wine tasting fees
We do not include the tasting fees to allow guests to select the flights of wine, bottles or glasses of wine they would like to enjoy - rather than locking guests into something they may not want as a component of our tour price.

*This tour is not available Saturday's and Sunday's*